Tuesday, December 25, 2018

For NYC guys.

Here's a quick item that I heard a complaint about a long time ago.

This is specifically for male NYC dwellers but might apply elsewhere.  If the girl drives to meet you in the city because it is too expensive for you to maintain a car there - pay for her tolls, gas and parking.  This should not be optional.  It shouldn't be a half-hearted offer and a polite refusal.  Even if you are both way above caring about anything less than a 'Ben Franklin', take responsibility.  And do it when you first meet and after your pleasantries - not at the end of the date as an after-thought.  It will set a nice tone for the date and show that you care.   Prepare an envelope in advance, write 'commuting expenses' on it and a 'happy face' and say "thank you for your extra effort".  Even if you previously agreed to split the dinner check, this is different.  I suppose you could offer to split this too.  That would be a start.

I wonder how often this happens.  I am very curious if anyone has feedback on this.

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